There are many reasons to get a WorldNumber

With WorldNumbers, its like you live everywhere. Subscribe for virtual local phone number for where you live or get numbers for other countries. Contacts in those countries call your WorldNumber at local call rates. There is no extra cost on their part.

WorldNumbers are yours to keep for as long as you want. Pick a plan that suits your needs:

Basic: Receive calls via airtimesharing app

Premium: Receives calls on your phone or through app

Second phone number

Keep your main phone number private or just get a second a local WorldNumber for once-off uses.

International travel

Stay in touch with your contacts when you travel overseas. Contacts call a local WorldNumber and you receive the call wherever you are in the world at no extra cost. It's a local call.

Global business

If you do business overseas, how about making it convenient for your business partners to call you on a local number. Get WorldNumbers for countries you do business in and have your contacts call you on those local numbers. How convenient!

Getting a WorldNumber is easy!

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Sign up for free airtimesharing account and install app. Or just login to your existing one.


Log in to your account to subscribe to one or more WorldNumbers

Receive calls!

Share your WorldNumber with international contacts and start receiving calls

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